Corporate Governance

Tzamal has adopted international standards of corporate governance, ethics and stringent transparency standards. This enables us to work with many prestigious and well-known medical device, pharma and laboratory product manufacturers and suppliers. Tzamal was granted a full GMP, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 27001-2013, ISO 27799-2008 certification.


Tzamal implemented high standards of ethical and moral conduct code, both at the workplace and with Company customers in accordance with governmental, industry, laws, rules and regulations requirements Tzamal’s Code of Conduct documents the principles for establishing and gaining credibility, trust and confidence for the company goals, by adhering to its commitments, by displaying honesty and integrity and reaching the goals solely through honorable conduct.

Respect to individual, culture of open and honest communication, upholding the Law, ethical and fair competition, avoiding any conflict of interest, accurate public disclosures, open records and accountability and transparent business relationship with all company customers, government officials and medical community are basic for our conduct.

Procedures are in place and enforced – complying with the Israeli Ministry of Health, GMP inspections and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. The procedures also include operational issues such as data security and privacy, media relations, employees periodical training and rehearsal sessions, etc. mandated by our own SOP and international principals. Management ensures timely amendment of the Company code of ethical conduct for proper enforcement and risk management.